Slibby the Snail Adventures : The stolen food

The Adventures of Slibby The Snail : The stolen food

Introducing The Adventures of Slibby the Snail storybook, a story about funny snail named Slibby. Slibby lives in Porchlandia and he is helping his friends the Ants to find some stolen food. Along the way, Slibby needs to solve a lot of quests to find that stolen food. For example, he needs to solve a puzzle,  connect the dots to find a leaf, find some differences on two images, and a lot lot more. On his journey, Slibby will meet various Ants, an Old Tree and a Grasshopper. When he finds that stolen food, he will also find himself in trouble, and he will need assistance from his new friends and from you – the reader!

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Who are we?

We are a small development team from Croatia with a mission! Our mission is to create fun storytelling and gaming experience. Our apps focus on beautiful graphics, nicely told stories and interactive elements in every storybook and game.

Interaction is something that we work on very hard, because we would like to include interactive elements as a part of the story itself, not just as a nice add on. Kids who play our games and read our stories will actively participate in storytelling!